Camille Kaiser (1992, CH-FR) lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Artistic research stems from an interest in the everyday life practices individuals negotiate within urban spheres, professional spheres and family spheres. Through exercises of image-making and text-writing, my work explores fiction as an artistic and political strategy that redirects attention and rewrites routines of collective use. The act of observing is core to initiating every project, an approach that is then re-transcribed in the chosen work methods and methodologies. These revolve around fictionalisation and non-intrusive modes of documentation that mimic gestures already occurring in public space.


bio & recent projects




          Research residency at Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin 


          02.11.19 LAB at Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, Haus der Statistik, Berlin

          29.11.19 Le dialogue ininterrompu, Hôtel de Gléresse, Porrentruy